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EVENT APP Implementation

Kingstad Event Technology Specialists are mobile event app specialists and can manage and support the entire event app implementation for your event.


Mobile event apps are no longer a luxury for meetings and events, they’re a necessity. This increase in demand of event apps has created a flood in the marketplace of suppliers, so planners have lots of choices. The good news is that competition is driving prices down, and the makers of event apps continue to add features to make apps more robust. Most event apps are fairly easy to self manage, with easy to navigate, friendly user interfaces and administrative back-ends, but added features add to the complexity. Unfortunately, many of the mobile event app companies that once provided professional services to completely build out their app no longer offer that service, or if they do, it can be quite expensive. After all, they’re software companies, not service providers, and they need to keep their costs down to compete.

The reality for planners is that managing an app implementation in this new order is about time and experience. The process of building out the app, app store submission, integrating with your tech stack, and optimizing performance can be confusing especially if you only touch the app once or twice a year. And with the event app playing such an important role in the success of your event, it’s critical to get it right.

Kingstad Event Technology Specialists are mobile event app specialists that can manage, support and optimize the entire event app implementation for your event. We’re well trained and experienced at working with many of the major event app platforms, and provide “white glove service” to ensure that you get the best performance out of your event app. Some of the roles and responsibilities we can manage for you include:

  • Evaluation

  • Recommendation

  • Contracting

  • Planning

  • Building

  • App Store Submission

  • Launch

  • Onsite Management

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